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Clinical Process

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Referral Process

The referral process begins with a phone call to our agency. An Administrative Assistant will take general information and then forward you to a Brief Service Clinician. Concerns will be discussed to assist with information gathering and treatment planning. This process will take approximately one hour.  A face to face meeting will then be scheduled with a Clinician within the next two weeks.

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Single Session Consultation

This meeting will focus on the most pressing concern for the family.  Some time will also be spent on identifying the family’s strengths to assist with reaching goals. Many families require only one session, or a few sessions to assist with the issue presented. Brief Service Clinicians provide up to four sessions over a period of six weeks if required. During these  sessions alternative services will also be discussed and a collaborative decision is made as to which service is the most appropriate for yourself and/or your family.

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Services are tailored to meet the needs of your family. We work in partnership with other community agencies with your permission to ensure the highest quality of client care. We make sure our programs fit your needs.

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