Who We Are

Children’s Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville is dedicated to serving the mental health needs of children, youth and their families.   No professional referral is required.  Children 12 and over may self-refer.   Our programs are free, accessible, and confidential.


We are an Accredited Children’s Mental Health Organization

Children’s Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville is one of 89 accredited Children’s Mental Health Agencies located in Ontario.


What this means:

  • Services are provided by qualified professionals
  • Our services are reviewed regularly in order to meet high standards which are set for the province of Ontario


CMHLG Service Philosophy Statement:


CMHLG is committed to the following service philosophy which will be posted in reception areas and on our website.


CMHLG is committed to:

  • Putting the needs and preferences of clients at the centre of all considerations.
  • Respecting the values and beliefs of clients.
  • Employing strength-based approaches that identify individual strengths and competencies to further build resiliency.
  • Recognizing the importance of the whole context, including an individual’s family, friends and community.
  • Honouring and respecting the social, cultural and spiritual needs of clients.
  • Empowering clients to participate fully in decision making around their care.


Client’s Rights Statement:


CMHLG is committed to the following client’s rights statements which will be posted in all reception areas and on our website.


Clients have the right:

  1. To timely and effective service.
  2. To be treated with dignity, respect and without discrimination.
  3. To privacy and confidentiality.
  4. To a safe and secure environment.
  5. To make decisions about service and participation.
  6. To refuse or discontinue service participation.
  7. To provide feedback on services.

Our Mission

Through collaboration, we provide mental health services for children, youth and families that they experience as accessible, timely, effective, inclusive and empowering.

Our Vision

Children, youth and families that are empowered, resilient and mentally healthy.

Our Principles

Across Lanark, Leeds and Grenville we will:

  • act with Integrity
  • provide compassionate, empowering care that is inclusive and holistic
  • advocate with our clients (and for our community)
  • strive to make services accessible, flexible and effective
  • build resilience within our organizations, communities and with our clients
  • have an overarching drive to continually improve services
  • value community collaboration and coordination


Children’s Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville is a Canadian Registered Charity BN#896698495RR0001